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Intelligent Business Cybernetics

A North American software company since 2016, Ibis Cybernetics was founded with the objective of improving business processes through open source software engineering. Consider some of our current offerings or possibly contributing to our projects.

Business Solutions

Currently we offer the following open source solutions...


  • Written in Java 8
  • Takes hotel or campsite reservation data in JSON format
  • RESTful API for remote requests
  • Simple commandline interface for dealing with local database requests
  • Download it or fork it here
Screenshot of the Reservation Gap Rule


  • Written in Python v3.6
  • Takes order or product data and converts it an invoice
  • Simple commandline interface which generates straight to HTML
  • Interface allows for sending invoices to customers via email
  • Source code for this can be found here
Screenshot of the Python HTML Invoice


  • Written in C99 and uses GTK
  • High performance and low memory web browser
  • Uses the WebKit2 engine and javascript handler
  • Compatible with both x86 and ARM devices
  • Get it here
Screenshot of the Sighte Web Browser


  • Written in golang
  • Obtains info via low level Linux kernel ABI
  • Accessed via commandline interface, which means no UI is needed
  • Compatible with any device that can run the Linux kernel
  • Feel free to download it here
Screenshot of the Temperature Sensor


Ibis Cybernetics is an active contributor to the open source community, you can find our code repo here.
There are a growing number of interesting projects, which include:

  • Ledctl, a nifty method of using the Linux kernel to control LEDs
  • Lclusterd, a mini-K8s that uses runc to create libcontainerd instances
  • Rubymsg, a reddit-like messages board written entirely in Ruby-on-Rails
  • Golang-Roguelike, a small game that can serve as an example of how to build ncurses UIs in golang

Other on-going projects include development of a retro-pixelart RPG videogame. You can find more details on our twitter page.

Screenshot of the golang roguelike

Contact Us

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